BaseTM ULTRA-LOW PANEL SYSTEM 2 underfloor heating system uses pre-routed panels and is ideal for low build up applications. One of Base’s best solutions for a joisted ground or upper floors.

  • Specification

BaseTM ULTRA-LOW PANEL SYSTEM 2 to incorporate oxygen barrier pipe to be installed to pre-routed panels. Installation and design in accordance with pipe layout design.

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  • BaseTM ULTRA-LOW PANEL specifically designed to fit directly on to sub-floor construction
  • Pre-routed panels offer quick installation with ability to be cut to exact size required in accordance with design
  • Oxygen barrier pipe fits directly into pre-routed panel offering a low system build up from only 18mm
  • Pipework is tightly encased within pre-routed panel ensuring even heat distribution across the floor area.
  • Panels offer quick system response


  1. Pre-routed panels installed directly on to subfloor according to system design (additional insulation to be installed below panel in accordance with required thermal performance and current building regulations)
  2. Oxygen barrier pipe to be installed directly into pre-routed panels in continuous lengths from distribution manifold, spaced according to underfloor heating design
  3. Levelling compound applied (by others) to all routed sections of boards not filled with pipework. Different floor finishes require additional leveling compound depths
  4. Pipework to be pressure tested and remain under pressure