10 | BATTEN PLATED EPS underfloor heating system

BaseTM Batten plated EPS underfloor heating System specifically designed to fit directly to sub-floor construction. This underfloor heating system has a low system build up of only 30.5mm and with the Aluminium heat diffusion plates, it offers high heat conductivity and quick system response.

  • Specification

BaseTM batten plated underfloor heating system to incorporate 16mm PEX pipe. Pipe to be installed to aluminium diffusion plate and pre-grooved rigid EPS insulation panel. Battens to be fixed to sub floor in accordance with pipe layout design.





  • BaseTM Batten plated EPS System specifically designed to fit directly to sub-floor construction
  • 1200mm x 350mm x 25mm pre-grooved EPS insulation installs directly between fixed battens spaced equally to sub floor
  • Aluminium heat diffusion plate fits directly into pre-grooved EPS panel offering a low system build up of only 30.5mm
  • Pipework is tightly encased within aluminium heat diffusion plate ensuring even heat distribution across the floor area with EPS panel to counter downward heat loss
  • Aluminium heat diffusion plates offer high heat conductivity and quick system response
  • Aluminium heat diffusion plate 1000mm x 390mm x 0.5mm to incorporate 16mm PEX pipe


  1. EPS insulation panel installed directly on to subfloor between battens according to system design. (Insulation specification in accordance with required thermal performance and current building regulations. Rigid EPS panel available from
    25mm depth)
  2. Aluminium heat diffusion plate to be fixed directly into pre-grooved EPS insulation panel.
  3. 16mm PEX pipe to be installed directly into heat diffusion plate channels in continuous lengths from distribution manifold spaced according to underfloor heating design
  4. EPS insulation panel to be routed as required allowing pipe installation in accordance with design layout.
  5. Pipework to be pressure tested and remain under pressure