08 | Structural IN-FLOORBOARD underfloor heating system

The Stuctural in-floorboard underfloor heating system designed by Base is ideal for low build up applications. It is load baring and is one of our best solutions for a joisted ground or upper floor.

  • Specification

BaseTM structural in-board system. Oxygen barrier pipe installed to pre-routed 2400mm x 600mm x 22mm tongue & groove panel. Panel glued and screwed to 400mm centre joists. 6mm engineered timber panel installed to tongue & groove panel.

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  • BaseTM structural IN-FLOORBOARD SYSTEM incorporating 15mm oxygen barrier pipework specifically designed to fit directly on to joist as a structural floor to be laid over 400mm centre joists
  • Pre-grooved flooring panels offer an alternative solution to traditional flooring systems incorporating the underfloor heating pipework and structural floor in one panel
  • Panel offering a low system build up from only 22mm plus a 6mm engineered timber board to cover
  • 15mm pipework is tightly encased within pre-grooved channels with additional aluminium heat diffusion tape covering pipework ensuring additional system output and even heat distribution across floor
  • BaseTM flooring panel 1200mm x 600mm x 22mm flooring grade tongue & groove panel 


  1. Tongue and groove flooring panel installed directly on to floor joists according to system design layout. Panels to be screwed and glued directly to floor joists with tongue and grooves fully glued (Additional insulation specification in accordance with required thermal performance and current building regulations to be installed below flooring panel by other) 
  2. 15mm pipework to be installed in to pre-grooved routed channels with additional aluminium heat diffusion tape installed over pipework with 6mm engineered timber board to be installed over 22mm panel
  3. 15mm pipework to be installed directly into pre-grooved channels in continuous lengths from distribution manifold spaced according to underfloor heating design with pipework to drop between joist space if required for suitable flow and return route to manifold location
  4. BaseTM flooring panel to be additionally routed as required to allow pipe installation route in accordance with pipe layout design (additional underside support required) 
  5. Pipework to be pressure tested and remain under pressure